Photography By Melanie Johnson | About
Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to get to know a little bit about me! I am over-enthusiastic about most everything that I do! I am quirky and silly! I love people (especially quirky, silly people)!

I began this business in 2010 in an effort to justify my addiction to fancy photography equipment. The business quickly grew into something bigger than I ever expected and it continues to blow my mind!

I still love my fancy equipment, but my favorite thing about being a photographer is the relationships that I get to build. My clients quickly become my friends and then I get to capture their most precious memories! How cool is that?

Honestly though, there is WAY more to me than just photography! I love, love, love children! I am a mom to the boy of my dreams! Being a mom is so awesome that I cannot think of words that would appropriately describe it! I also get to spend most of my days with a classroom full of kids. I teach kindergarten! My life is so full of little blessings! I also have another portrait business that specializes in babies and children. Check it out if you want to see some ADORABLE kiddos:

I am so fortunate to get to work with other talented photographers. I feel that it is important to have more than one photographer at a wedding. Aside from getting better coverage, you also get two totally different perspectives. And, for me, working with other photographers gives me the opportunity to grow.
So don't be fooled, this is not a one man (or one woman) show! When you book a wedding with Photography By Melanie Johnson you are getting an experienced team.

I love getting to know new people and creating lasting friendships. I have been so blessed by the people that this business has brought into my life. Truly, my clients end up as my friends!